Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Pharmacy


University of Tehran which is the oldest and the most outstanding academic center in Iran, was established in 1934. At the beginning, Pharmacy and Dentistry were jointly managed with the college of medicine. At that time pharmacy education lasted 3 years and required high school diploma. Since 1939 the duration of education changed to 4 years and a Pharm.D. degree has been approved to be granted to the graduates. In 1956 Pharmacy was separated from Medicine and a 5- year education was established for this major.


Before Islamic revolution in 1978, the pharmacy education was limited to undergraduate courses but science 1986 the Ph.D. courses in nine diciplinaries Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Toxicology and Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Biotechnology, Food and drugs control ,pharmacoepidemiology, Drug Economy and management and Clinical pharmacy have been established. At that time Tehran University of Medical Sciences was separated from University of Tehran. At present, the faculty of Pharmacy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is one of the most dynamic and well equipped instructional and research academic centers in Iran.


Pharm. D. Courses

An academic year consist of a two-semester system: autumn (fall) and spring semesters. The autumn semester starts from mid September till end of January. The spring semester runs from mid of February to the middle of July.

There is a two-week break between the two semesters.
The program is based on a system of “credits". One academic year with full time study provides 40 credits. The requirements for Pharm.D. Degree program is 200 credits. Grades are given according to the scale of 0 through 20.

A research thesis is required in which the doctoral student must describe both the organization and results of his/her research. All doctoral students have personal supervisor and a consulting faculty member. A student is placed on an academic probation if the grade point average is below 12 and is dismissed from faculty due to three successive or four intermittent probations.


Ph.D. Programs

Faculty of Pharmacy also offers Ph.D programs in the pharmaceutical sciences as well as advanced professional practical training (residencies). These degrees are enhanced by an active faculty research program. The students who have finished the required undergraduate Pharm. D. courses may apply for admission in the postgraduate program through an entry exam. Ph.D. programs are Medicinal Chemistry, Nuclear Pharmacy, Toxicology and Pharmacology, Food and Drugs Control, Pharmaceutics, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology


Applicants for admission in undergraduate program must be qualified for some general and specific requirements

1- General requirements: successful completion of high school diploma.
2. Specific requirements: good results in nation wide entrance examination as the pre-requisite for entrance to the Faculty of Pharmacy.